Getting Help

The easiest way to get help with the project is to join the #readthedocs channel on Freenode. We hang out there and you can get real-time help with your projects. The other good way is to open an issue on Github.

The mailing list at!forum/read-the-docs is also available for support.

Backwards Incompatible Changes

Backwards Incompatible Changes will be emailed to the mailing list. They will be prefixed with “Backwards Incompatible Changes”. We are thinking about having some kind of Backwards Incompatible Changes policy, much like the 1.0 of a code base, once we define the redirects and interfaces that we wish to expose permanently.

Commercial Support

We offer commerical support for Read the Docs, commerical hosting, as well as consulting around all documentation systems. You can contact us at to learn more, or visit us at